Monday, October 1, 2007

I hate ...

Hi. I am 20. I am ugly and girls don't talk to me. I hate good looking people. They are mean. I hate losers who wear utterly low baggy jeans and Jockey straps just to look cool. As if spending 20 extra bucks on underwear would alter their loser DNA. I hate people who wear sunglasses in the dark. I hate people who don't get my humour.They don't deserve to live.

I hate people who love movies like DDLJ. I hate Bollywood movies which are shameless rip-offs of Hollywood movies. I hate Bollywood music. All the songs sound the same to me. I hate Himesh Reshamiya. I have no life. I always have nothing to do and nowhere to go. Nobody calls me. Even if somebody tried I wouldn't answer 'cause my phone is fucked up most of the time. I live in Delhi. I hate it here 'cause its too fucking hot. The public transport is fucked and the petrol rates are too high.

I hated my college. Everybody there was an asshole. The teachers were ignorant and the students were too smart for my liking. I hated my school too. Almost everybody there was an asshole as well.I hated my school teachers. They gave excessive homework. I still hate my school principle. I wish I could kill him but I am afraid of the law.I hate law. Both as a subject and the ones I have to adhere to. I hate all school/college reunions/parties. All I do there is sit in the corner and bitch about everything that's wrong with my life.

I hate overly religious people. They are losers. I hate Jazzy B. I also hate Mika but I hate Jazzy B more. His voice sounds as if someone's put telephone booth up his ass. I hate overly sentimental people. People who like to hug every chance they get. I hate Christiano Ronaldo. He looks gay. I hate Enrique Iglesias. He looks and sounds gay. I hate noisy babies. For some reason they love me. For this reason, I hate them even more.

I hate people who sing loudly when they walk on the streets. Get a life you fucking losers you don't own the world. I hate people who play loud music on the car stereo which they don't even understand just to look cool. I hope they all die. I hate people who use big words just to sound smart. I ht ppl hu typ lyk dis even on a full keyboard(you aren't paying for each letter assholes).I hate people with bad grammar - especially the ones who say ''I didn't knew''. I hate people who wear clothes on the basis of the visibility of the brand name.I hate people who think that they are superior to me in any way whatsoever.

I hate Indian Television. I hate Ekta Kapoor. I hate feminists. They talk too much. I hate animal lovers. If you love animals then you better take them to your house and adopt them 'cause your kids are gonna hate you too. I hate rich people. I hate everyone who owns a Play-station 3 or an X-box 360. I hate my barber. He makes me look uglier. I think he hates me too.I hate all the people who hate me. Which means I hate just about everyone.. you too... e
specially you. I hate Microsoft. I don't know why. But I just do.

Thank you for reading. I hope you burn in hell.