Thursday, November 22, 2007

Support Piracy

First of all - for those complaining about lack of updates - GET A LIFE

Now, If you are among the millions who wait in huge lines for the big Diwali releases, here's an idea: You can watch all the movies playing at that multiplex (and a few more) at the fraction of the cost. If the title didn't give it away, here's a hint -Its round and has a hole in the middle. Didn't get it? It starts with a D and ends with a VD. Still doesn't ring a bell? DVD you moron! Anyway, as I was saying, why would you want to waste 150 bucks to watch a movie that you can download for free? And don't start with that 'the cinema hall ambiance' and shit. I have never watched a movie in a cinema hall without a cell phone ringing or some moron who has already watched that movie telling some dumb asshole the whole plot. Not to mention the losers who clap/whistle/orgasm whenever the 'hero' enters or an item song plays and don't even get me started on the (overpriced) stale pop-corn and the flat colas.

Why stop with movies? Everything from music , PC games, books, softwares and everything under the sun is available in the grey market. You just have to get off your lazy asses and find it. Look at it this way - Do you really care about some teenage band getting even richer than they are because you want to be a loyal fan (read: moron)? Or do you really want to give that greedy bitch J.K. Rowling more money than she already has? The list is endless as are their bank accounts. Below is a comparison between YOUR income and some rich people.

Click to enlarge.

(Real figures might vary.)

And don't ever buy the crap about millions losing their jobs and shit 'cause you choose to save a few bucks. If they give a shit, why don't they give the jobless people money from their own pockets? They have more money than they can ever use anyway. Why would you wanna worry about their lives anyway, do they really care if you live or die? How about the fact that the people who actually do the whole piracy thing work much harder than the ones losing their jobs? Don't they deserve something?

Still not convinced? There's only one logical explaination: You have a lot of money and no brains. Do yourself a favour - send the money to me!

PS - I know you don't give a shit but still click here to read the blog of the person who made 90% of the graph above. Just for the record - It was I, who came up with the idea.