Friday, February 1, 2008

Kill the cupid


Now, if you are an ugly bitch with low self esteem and no real friends who relies on movies like Jab We Met and 'occasions' like Valentine's Day to get some hope for love in your pathetic existence that you call your life, then stop reading right now.

I hate Valentine's Day. I hate everything about this bloody month starting from rose day to slap day to whatever ... So while all the 'happy' people will be out hugging, kissing and exchanging heart shaped balloons on the V day, I'd be sitting at home killing aliens or destroying civilisations on my PC.

Why do you call it Valentine's Day anyway? You morons should call it the Archies day! Just some bullshit propagated by the media to make you buy a pile of shit for someone who supposedly love. I know you wanna get to make out with your chick and you gotta give her gifts for that shit but you can do it any friggin' day of the year you morons. I once saw this kewl dewd buying all this crap for some stupid bitch and she got all wet and went ''Ooooooohhh!! How romantic'' and then they started making out in front of everyone. I'd have kicked his ass but I was too busy taping it.

And 'hopeless romantics' should be killed. Not just killed, but mutilated. They are not hopelessly romantic they are just hopeless and yet somehow I find them everywhere I look. It’s because of those dickheads why Jab We Met grossed whatever it did at the box office.

Now, I don't hate Valentine's because no girl would ever go out with me (though that doesn't help) But the damn advertising and publicity! I'd rather hang around with the Shiv Sainiks to beat the shit out of those mushy idiots at malls and parks. Also, I hate cupids, I see their pictures everywhere smiling down on me - judging me with those small cold eyes. It keeps me up at times, the more I think about it - the more I realise its not the cupids I hate, its you shitheads who buy all this crap. Die, motherfuckers.

PS - If you think that I can't take criticism then I think you are ugly.

'Nuff said.